Alpha is a 10 – 11 week course that explores questions of faith, life and meaning from a Christian perspective.

It is non-confrontational and pressure free.  Answering questions such as “Is there more to life than this?” and “Who is Jesus?” Alpha explores the questions we all have in an open, honest and logical way, to provide guests with answers that are not just vague ideals, but solid, concrete and fact based. Each person’s views and opinions are respected and heard in a friendly environment.

Everyone brings a plate of food to share.

We then watch a 20 – 30 minute video presentation. Each week has a different topic or question we will be focussing on.

This is followed by a discussion about the week’s topic. People from all backgrounds are free to share their views and opinions openly and honestly and be heard.

It also includes a full day Saturday in which we would normally go away for the day and have 4 such sessions with lunch and morning tea included.

This course is for anyone with questions about faith life and meaning. It is open to those with any faith or without faith at all.

If you would like to participate in an Alpha course running at Champion Lakes Christian Church, send us a message below.

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30 Brant Road Kelmscott, Perth WA

Phone: 9390 7688