Our mission is to adopt people into God’s family every day.
Prov. 29:18 states that “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. Champion Lakes Christian Church has worked and prayed hard to align its activities to an overarching vision to see people drawn into a loving faith community somewhere (yes, we are not here to build our church, we are here to build Jesus’ church).​

As a local family of the faith, we simply want to represent Jesus and the good news as effectively as possible. We exist to be a blessing to others – both locally and globally.

We consider that the high point of the gospel is that God adopts sinners into His family forever on the basis of what Jesus Christ did upon the cross some two millennia ago (Rom 8:14-16).

Therefore, as a church, we strive with all the grace and capacity God provides to ADOPT PEOPLE EVERDAY INTO GOD’S FAMILY. We value ENTHUSIASM in our service, ENCOUNTERS with our God, and ENGAGEMENT with others. The goal of these passions is to draw people into loving relationships with God and others.

Through major bridging ministries, such as [email protected] and The Champion Project, together with a raft of other ministries, we desire to show off “Jesus” to our community. We are committed to turning attenders into disciples. We are passionate about what God is doing here and also what He is doing in the world.

If you are lost or lonely, lacking purpose, or just hurting, you would be very welcome to join this family of God at Champion Lakes Christian Church.